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230 Volt AC Chain actuator with a maximum push/pull force of 300N. Available with a stroke of 300 | 600 | 800 and 1000 mm.
Suitable on windows and vents for daily ventilation purposes and climate control. Because of the compact extruded aluminium housing (35x37mm.) very widely applicable. Depending on the sash / frame cross section also suitable for concealed fixing.

Silent and powerful chain actuator with "Soft-close" function, triple LED indicator and DIP-switches to set stroke limitation.

In order to relieve the window seals after closing, the actuator will run a very short time in "open" direction. (This function is standard and cannot be adjusted).

Comes with bracket K-K50-OK (product code: J9942E001) for connecting the chain to the frame or sash profile.
Mounting brackets for the housing are sold separately. (Exact model depending on mounting method)

This actuator is also available with a "SYNCHRO" option if you want to use up to 8 actuators on the same window.

This actuator cannot be programmed via SimonLink software. The stroke is adjustable by DIP switches. Please use the 24V version if you need these options.

Field of application Natural Ventilation
Electric features
Voltage230V AC
Current Nominal (A.)0.23
Peak current (A.)0.25
Cable3x 0.5 mm2 / L= 2 mtr. (Synchro = 5x 0.5 mm2.)
Cable connectionFixed cable
Switch on durationS2 30%
Soft-Close functionYes
Mechanical features
Stroke (mm.)300 | 600 | 800 | 1000
Stroke adjustableYes, selectable by dipswitch
Push force (N.)300
Pull force (N.)300
Holding force (N.)1000
Speed (mm/sec.)10.0
Sound level (1 mtr. distance)< 55 dB
Temperature Range0 °C to +70 °C
Dimensions and Weights
Dimension (L x W x H)468/624/727/824x37x35 mm.
Nett weight (kg.)0.90
Limit stopElectronic | Integrated
Overload cutt-offElectronic (load dependent) | Integrated
Protection ClassIP32
MaterialHousing: Aluminium EV1 ano.
Warranty3 years

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