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The ZV-ELIMATIC is an electromechanical drive that replaces the window handle. By applying the handle-spindle-drive, it is possible to keep using the mechanical fittings/lockingpoints in a window that has to be automated. Ideal for automated burglar-resistant windows and windows with extra locking points for extra wind-and watertightness. The only difference is that the window handle is replaced by the ZV-ELIMATIC.
Can be combined with all electrical actuators from Simon-PROtec that have an F contact or a potential-free contact in the CLOSED position.

The direction of rotation (CCW / CW) and the rotation angle (90/180 degrees) can be set by DIP switches.
Can be used on both inward and outward-opening windows, bottom-hung and top hung windows with fittings that are driven with 7x7 mm. square spindle.
For fittings with a square spindle larger than 7x7 mm. you have to order the Elimatic-sleeve-kit. This allows the square spindle to be adjusted to 8x8, 9x9 or 10x10mm.

Standard equipped with a built-in sequence control:
When the window opens automatically, the ZV-ELIMATIC will first unlock the hardware fittings (takes max. 13 sec.). After this, the connected drive(s) will open the sash.
When the window is closing, a signal is automatically sent from the window drive(s) to the ZV-ELIMATIC as soon as the sash is closed. At this moment the ZV-ELIMATIC will lock the mechanical locking point again.
One or more electromechanical drives can be connected to the sequence control (max. 6A) for opening and closing the window.

Available in two versions:  one where the connection cable runs IN the window profile and a version where the cables are laid ON the window profile.

Electric features
Voltage24V DC
Current Nominal (A.)0.095
CableOrder separately (6x 0.75 mm² met SICO-Plug)
Cable connectionSICO-Plug
Switch on durationS2 30%
Mechanical features
Max. opening/closing time (Sec.)< 14 sec. (180 deg.)
Sound level (1 mtr. distance)< 60 dB
Temperature Range0 °C tot +75 °C
Dimensions and Weights
Dimension (L x W x H)266x50x41 mm.
Protection ClassIP32
Finishanodised EV1/F1
Warranty3 years

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