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About us

Who are we....

Dekker Technical Products is specialized in providing solutions for automating motionable elements in the built environment. You can think of solutions for automatically opening, closing, locking, unlocking and moving roof and facade elements such as windows, skylights, hatches, gates, doors, interior parts, etc.
With our products and services, we would like to contribute to the creation of "smart buildings" that are not only sustainable, but also contribute to better safety, security, health and comfort for people and animals.

Our roots....

Our founder, Wilco Dekker, started in 1994 as a Technical Sales engineer in the world of building hardware for aluminium facade systems. In the beginning with standard "off the shelf solutions", but later more and more special solutions for projects where standard products were no longer applicable. As a mechanical engineer, he saw that the building industry could hardly meet the rapidly changing demand for innovative solutions to make buildings more energy-efficient, healthier, safer and more comfortable.
While other industries were busy automating, optimizing and improving quality, the building industry (including most manufacturers and suppliers of construction products) continued to operate as they have for the past 50 years. Worldwide custom-made machines are produced to the wishes and needs of the customer. Why can't the building industry provide such custom solutions if a customer has special wishes for his home or office?

Stubborn as he is, he starts his own company in 2008 with this in mind. Not a "normal" trading company that sells standard products for the facade construction industry, but a company that offers high-quality out-of-the-box solutions that contribute to make buildings smarter, safer, healthier an more comfortable. Due to increasing demand, this has now resulted in a specialization in the field of automating motional building elements.

Our vision....

The demand to make buildings energy-neutral, circular, safer, healthier and more comfortable will only increase in the coming years. These points wiil be very important. Not only for new buildings, but also for renovation projects. For this reason, we are convinced that the emergence of smart, interactive roof and facade elements are on an unstoppable rise.

Façade constructors will therefore increasingly have to deal with the automation of facade elements and the associated products, rules and issues. For example, facade elements will increasingly have to comply with the Machinery Guidelines, mechanics in the workshop will have to deal with electromechanical components and the facade installer will regularly have to enter the construction site with a tablet or laptop to adjust automated windows or shutters.
Increasingly, the construction, production and assembly of roof and facade elements will be a mixture of mechanical, construction and electrical engineering.

Our vision is that Dekker Technical Products makes a substantial contribution to the development and realization of automated roof-, facade- and other building elements that are necessary to make buildings smarter, cleaner, safer, healthier and more comfortable.

Our mission....

Working with you to create the best 'smart-building' solutions that increase safety, security, health and comfort for humans and animals and that contribute to a more sustainable built environment.
We focus on the following spearheads:
  • Coöperation
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Continuity
  • Profitability

Our customers....

We mainly supply our products and services to facade constructors, contractors, installation and assembly companies within Europe. We can now also count interior builders, bodywork companies and yacht builders among our clientele. In addition, increasingly more architects, project developers and construction engineers come to us for tailor-made advice on solutions and applications in their projects.