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img_BRACKET K-L-UK-180
img_BRACKET K-L-UK-180
img_BRACKET K-L-UK-180
img_BRACKET K-L-UK-180
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  • Product code: K7035A930
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  • Productcode manufacturer: K2-1585
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Temporary Material surcharge
Due to the extreme price increases on the raw materials market, Simon-PROtec has decided to charge a (temporary) material surcharge of 3.5% on their products. This surcharge is added in the checkout process and will be stated seperately on the invoice.

Clampable bracket K-L-UK-180 is for pivotable mounting linear actuators from the EA-L-100-180 range.
The position of the bracket is adjustable because it can slide over the motorhousing. It can be clamped at the right position.

This bracket is especially developed for the EA-L-100-180 range actuators. (With a push/pull force of 1000 to 1800N.)

The clamping piece is aluminium (EV1/VB6 anodised) and the  U-profile is made of steel (coated in RAL9006).

There is a wide variety of mounting brackets available. To determine the correct brackets we refer to the technical documentation or contact us.
If required we can provide custom brackets for your project.

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