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  • Product code: QUASAR-L BMSline
  • Weight: 1.50kg
  • Ordering Unit: st./pc.
  • Productcode manufacturer: QUASAR-L BMS
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24 Volt DC Chain actuator, type QUASAR-L BMSline, with a maximum stroke of 500mm. which is programmable. The maximum push/pull force is 300N.
Suitable on windows and vents in (N-)SHEV installations and for daily ventilation purposes.

All BMSline actuators have a number of major advantages over the "standard" versions:

  • Compatible with all existing building management systems
  • Continual, totally controlled window with 100% real-time feedback. Not just an ON/OFF operation (open/close)
  • Addressable actuators in order to control the environment of each room in a building.
  • No need for external modules/control panels: the actuator has built-in intelligence
  • Window controlled locally by a standard wall switch, even with a centralized Building Management System.
  • Smoke Ventilation Control Panels with back-up batteries can be directly and safely connected.

The QUASAR-L BMSline chain actuators can be used very flexible due to the many adjustable parameters:

  • Stroke
  • Percentage of opening and closing direction
  • Speed, in opening and closing direction
  • Force, in opening and closing direction
  • Real close position of the window
  • Closing position tolerance
  • Soft close length and speed

The 2-way feedback signal from the QUASAR-L BMSline makes it possible to continuously read the following information via any BMS system:

  • Full opening or closing
  • Percentage of opening and position of the chain.
  • Current setting of parameters and scenarios
  • Location in the building and address in the network.
  •  Statistics
  • Command state
  • Eventual Failure

The QUASAR-L BMSline is supplied WITHOUT connecting cable. A maximum of a 6-core (6 x 0.75mm2) cable can be connected to the connector.
The mounting brackets for mounting the motor must also be ordered separately.

The BMSline motors are user-friendly to program and address by means of a BMSline Setup Kit. It contains the necessary software (for Windows XP and higher) and a special USB cable.  Of course we can also supply the actuators with all the right parameters set or program them for you on site.

To enable communication between the BMSline motors and your building management system, the BUS signal from the motors (Modbus RTU) must be translated to the correct BUS protocol of your BMS. We can supply the DIN Rail gateways for the most commonly used protocols such as KNX, LON and BACnet. 30 motors can be controlled per gateway. For more information, please contact us!

Field of application(N)SHEV | Natural Ventilation
Electric features
Voltage24V DC
Current Nominal (A.)0.9
CableNot included (max. 6x 0.75 mm2)
Cable connectionPlug connector
Switch on durationS2 30%
Soft-Close functionYes
Soft-Close adjustableYes (with software)
Mechanical features
Stroke (mm.)600 | 750 | 1000
Stroke adjustableYes, continuously.(with software)
Push force (N.)300 (stroke 600) | 100 (stroke 750) | 0 (stroke 1000)
Pull force (N.)300
Holding force (N.)3500
Speed (mm/sec.)1.0 - 15.0 (Programmable)
Temperature Resistance300° C for 30 minutes (according to DIN EN 12101-2)
Temperature Range-5 °C to +70 °C
Dimensions and Weights
Dimension (L x W x H)759/834/959x69x37 mm.
Nett weight (kg.)1.40
Limit stopElectronic | Integrated
Overload cutt-offElectronic (load dependent) | Integrated
Protection ClassIP40
MaterialHousing: aluminium
ColorEV1/F1 | white | black

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