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Complete Elements

You probably knowt: For a project you have to produce 150 "standard" windows, of which 2 have to be automated. Nice project, but those 2 automated windows require extra engineering and work to figure out. Perhaps even more time than the other 148 windows combined. After that a colleague in the workshop must build the drive(s) in or on the window. For many, completely outside their comfort zone or even impossible due to lack of the right knowledge.

Or  you get the question from a customer if it is possible to automate that beautiful floor hatch that you have to install. Of course you can call or email us right away for the right advice and the right parts, but then you still have to mount the parts to the hatch yourself. How easy would it be if we could supply you a complete frame for a floor hatch, complete with actuator(s), control unit and required pinch protection. Even custom made for you!

More and more often we see examples like these. For this reason, we have decided to offer complete, automated elements in addition to our individual components!

In the coming period we will include various complete products in our webshop. Do you already want to know what we can do for you? Please contact us for more info