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Light that comes straight from above, or zenithal light, provides a 3x higher light output than light that enters a building through a vertical facade.
Daylight is known to provide more living pleasure and more productivity and performance at work. For this reason, installing skylights on flat roofs of homes and commercial buildings is a good idea. By also ensuring that the domes can be opened, they will also be able to make an enormous contribution to improve the natural ventilation in a building: fresh air flows through ventilation grilles and/or open windows  inside and warm, polluted air disappears vertically through the open skylight(s).

All our skylights are made of polycarbonate (PC) and provided with an extra layer of protection against UV radiation. Sometimes it is also referred to as "armored domes" because the impact resistance of polycarbonate is approximately 250 times higher than that of glass.
Often skylights that are made of acrylic (PMMA) are offered. These domes are considerably cheaper than the PC skylights, but in terms of quality they often are defeated on different levels by the PMMA domes on many fronts. For example, the PMMA domes are much harder and more scratch-resistant and they are more resistant to high temperatures. 

As standard with all our skylights you can choose:

  • clear or opal white version. (With some models you can also choose special colors for worthwhile quantities.)
  • manually or electromechanically operable (in different ways)
  • upstands made of insulated Glass-fiberglass reinforced plastic (GFRP) or galvanized steel