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Gate opener SW101

img_Gate opener SW101
img_Gate opener SW101
img_Gate opener SW101
img_Gate opener SW101
img_Gate opener SW101
img_Gate opener SW101
Gate opener SW101
  • Availability: 2-3 Working Days
  • Brand: Superjack
  • Product code: N1059Z101
  • Weight: 15.00kg
  • SKU: set
  • Productcode manufacturer: SW101
€ 329.75

The EasyJack SW101 gate opener is a complete set for automating double swing gates or garage doors. Suitable for both inward and outward opening gates with a width of approx. 2.75 meters per part. The openers have a stroke length of 350mm. and a maximum opening angle of 120 degrees. Keep in mind that the opening angle also depends on the exact positioning of the openers. The maximum push/pull force can be adjusted by means of DIP switches, so that it can be adjusted to the sash weight.

The SW101 comes complete with:

  • 2 Openers (actuators)
  • 1 Control box
  • 2 Weld-on mounting brackets (Screw-on mounting brackets are optionally available with part no. SJ A817)
  • 1 Remote Control
  • 2 Photocells
  • Actuator connection cables
  • installation manual

The control box is supplied with 230V AC. The openers themselves operate on 12V DC and have a built-in resistance/overload protection. Automatic gate closing can be set to 30 or 60 seconds. The SW101 is equipped with a sequence controller: The first sash will move in closing direction and 4 seconds later the 2nd sash will start to run in closing direction.

The control box has an option to connect an optional flashing-light and/or backup-battery.

The range of the supplied remote control is approximately 15 to 20 meters. A maximum of 8 remote controls can be connected to the control box.

Opening both sashes for 90 degrees takes about 15 seconds.

The maximum opening of the gate must be limited with a stop. If you do not want a stop, you can place the optionally available spacers on the actuators to set the maximum opening angle yourself.

Electric features
Voltage supply230V AC
Switch on durationS2 20%
Backup BatteryOptioneel
Connectionsphotocells | flashing light | battery
Mechanical features
Max. opening/closing time (Sec.)15 (90 degrees)
Max. opening angle (degrees)120
Temperature Range-20 °C to +65 °C
Limit stopElectronic | Integrated
Overload cutt-offElectronic (load dependent) | Integrated

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