Revised Dutch standard on smoke detectors for residential functions: From 1 July 2022 smoke detectors are mandatory in ALL homes.

The Building Decree designates NEN 2555 for the correct application of smoke detectors in residential functions. From 1 July 2022 it is mandatory to install smoke detectors in every home in the Netherlands. This obligation has existed for some time for new-build houses, but the regulations will also apply to existing buildings, in addition to updating technically, an additional reason to revise the standard.

Changes to NEN 2555:
NEN 2555 has been adjusted on the following points, among others:

  • broadening the requirements to existing residential buildings;
  • more emphasis on linking smoke detectors in line with research and recommendations from the Institute for Physical Safety (IFV);
  • reference to additional forms of alerts aimed at the deaf and hard of hearing;
  • simplification and clarification of the project planning requirements with a view to comprehensibility and use of the standard;
  • addition of safety aspects;
  • addition of maintenance and replacement requirements.