Simon-PROtec has revised its product information. The new detailed brochures are available for you to download. We are always at your service to answer any questions you may have about the Simon-PROtec products.

Download: Brochure for actuators and fitting technology
In the new actuator brochure you will find, among other things, valuable information on the PA series of the Folding Arm² with SICO BUS technology.

Download: PA Folding Arm² short brochure
Short brochure about the PA series of folding arm² including SICO BUS.

Download: Control technology brochure - SHEV and ventilation
The control brochure now contains information about the new BUS interface BI-100-KNX of the M-SHEV and M-VENT and has been amended by the control panel M-SHEV-12-AP.