The Glass Clip is especially designed for aluminum and PVC window frames. Once a sheet of glass is put into position, the Glass Clip is applied.
The Glass Clip is designed to apply extensive force to hold sheets of glass in position temporarily. The Glass Clip is also a great hand when placing glass with a vent.

The advantages of using the Glass Clip are:

  • Using the Glass Clip saves you a pair of hands. This is evident since the worker standing idle now, can get the next sheet already.
  • The bigger the project the more time you save. This results in a rise of productivity.
  • The Glass Clip gives you the availability to pay special attention to placing the upper and lower glazing beads.

Comes in a box of 40 pieces.


  • Brand: Triplo-Q
  • Order Code: X1043Z020
  • Part No. Manufacturer: glasclip

  • Order Unit: doos/box (=40 pcs.)
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  • Price (Ex. VAT):  €60.00