Heavy lift 24 Volt DC linear actuator with a stroke of 750mm. and a push / pull force of  max.1800N. with Tandem function.
Widely applicable on heavy windows, skylights and roof windows for daily ventilation or SHEV systems. (acc. EN 12101/2).

The tandem function allows to connect up to 4 actuators in parallel.
If one actuator is stopped due to overload, the other connected actuators will stop automatically to prevent damage.

Standard equipped with:

  • “F” contact for sequence controlling
  • Operation of the electric actuator for the OPEN and CLOSE driving directions.
  • Tandem function enables the coupling of further actuators. (max. 4)
  • Current-controlled cut-off.
  • Multiple triggering lock function in the end positions and in case of overload.
  • Soft start of the electric actuator.
  • Undervoltage protection of the actuator.
  • Cycle counter for actuations and cut-offs.
  • Speed detection.
  • Stroke programming function.
  • “F” contact for sequence controlling
  • Maximum rated current can be set in ‘OPEN/CLOSE’ driving directions by rotary switch.
  • Possibility to connect parameterising interface.

Optional: Possibility to connect end switch.

Aluminum housing, anodized EV1/E6

Supplied without mounting brackets. These must be ordered separately.
Because of the high forces, you have to use the strengthened brackets. (See "related products" tab)

Field of application (N)SHEV;Natural Ventilation
Electric features
Voltage 24V DC.
Current Nominal (A.) 0.4 to 4.8
Cable 5x 0,75 mm2 | L= 3.5 mtr.
Mechanical features
Stroke (mm.) 750
Push force (N.) 1800
Pull force (N.) 1800
Speed (mm/sec.) 12.5
Max. opening/closing time (Sec.) 60 (with load 1800N.)
Temperature Resistance 300° C for 30 minutes (according to DIN EN 12101/2)
Dimensions and Weights
Dimension (L x W x H) dia. 52 mm. x 1167 mm
Nett weight (kg.) 7.2
Certifications / Tests
Certifications & Declarations n.a.
Limit stop electronic (external)
Overload cutt-off - Electronic, external, load dependent (adjustable) - Tandem cutt-off
Protection Class IP54
Material Housing: Aluminium EV1 ano.


  • Brand: Simon-PROtec
  • Order Code: K7035A313
  • Part No. Manufacturer: M2-1758-T

  • Order Unit: st./pc.
  • Availability: On Order (2-3 weeks)

  • Price (Ex. VAT):  €677.00

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