Suitable for a sash height of 801-1000 mm. and a sash width of 1200 mm.

Maximum leaf sash weight depending on the opening angle:
With an opening angle of 30 degrees is the maximum allowable wing weight 80 kg.
With an opening angle of 40 degrees is the maximum allowable wing weight 50 kg.

Total length of the stay hinge is 350 mm. (14"), excluding optional adjustment unit (art. K1542C020).

Material: Stainless steel (AISI 304) with a self-lubricating nylon slide block.

We always recommend to choose the longest possible stay hinge for your windows and to limit the maximum opening angle with a limiting arms. (For example type 1203)

STAY HINGE 1206.14

  • Brand: Master
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  • Part No. Manufacturer: 1206.14

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