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Welcome to Dekker Technical Products

Welcome to Dekker Technical Products, the specialist for automating windows, shutters, vents, louvers and many other movable elements in the built environment!

We supply individual components for automating, for example, existing roof-, facade- and interior elements. For complete automated building elements, like windows, skylights, hatches, N-SHE(V) roof-and facade ventilation units and much more you can also rely on us.

Our products are mainly used in systems for Natural Ventilation (NV), Natural Smoke and Heat Extraction (N-SHE), Climate Control, Daylight solutions, PWD and extra comfort.
Health and safety play a key role in many of these applications. Quality and Reliability are therefore important focal points to us. For this reason we only work with high quality products and the best manufacturers. Some of these manufacturers are Simon-PROtec, Hautau, UCS, Master, Caoduro and Triplo-Q.

Are you looking for a standard or custom made solution that contributes to the creation of a healthy, safe, comfortable or energy-efficient living- and/or working environment?
Please feel free to contact us!

Latest products in our shop

Product code: K1046Z112 Productcode manufacturer: 909290
Gear drive 909290, without Safety Device. For use in Hueck windows operated by a square-pin window handle..
€ 63.55
Product code: K1046Z106 Productcode manufacturer: 908974
Clip-on profile 908974 is used to secure corner drive 908962 in the sash profile in Hueck turn and tilt hardware...
€ 5.25
Product code: K1046G016 Productcode manufacturer: 99338402
Clamp-on bottom hinge for Hueck turn-tilt windows. Right handed (fitted on the bottom-right corner of the window, seen from the inside) Color: grey ..
€ 20.20
Product code: K1046G015 Productcode manufacturer: 99338302
Clamp-on bottom hinge for Hueck turn-tilt windows. Left handed (fitted on the bottom-left corner of the window, seen from the inside) Color: grey C..
€ 20.20
Product code: PA-KL²-T Productcode manufacturer: M2-202x
The 24V DC folding arm door opener PA-KL²-T is a further development on base of the folding arm actuator PA-KL². This actuator is used on inward- an..
Starting From € 603.00
Product code: K1046Z108 Productcode manufacturer: 904791
Locking slider for Hueck turn and tilt hardware. Reversable (L/R handed) Suited with locking bolt.Material: Zamac..
€ 4.95