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24 Volt DC Chain actuator with a max. push/pull force of 500N. Suitable on windows and vents in (N-) SHEV installations and for daily ventilation purposes.
Because of the compact and powerful design very widely applicable. Available with a stroke of 300, 600, 750, 1000 en 1200mm. and can be lowered with the SimonLink software.

Very silent and powerfull chain actuator with "Soft-close" and "Soft-start" function. The Simon-Link connection makes it possible to fine-tune stroke and push/pull power on site.
Also equipped with "F-contact" for feedback contact and built-in electronic overload cut-off.

The housing is made of extruded aluminium and anodised in EV1/E6.

Comes with bracket K-K50-OK (product code: J9942E001) for connecting the chain to the frame or sash profile. Mounting brackets for the housing are sold separately. (Exact model depending on mounting method)

This actuator is also available with a "tandem" function. Through this tandem function up to 4 actuators can be connected in parallel

Field of application(N)SHEV | Natural Ventilation
Electric features
Voltage24V DC
Current Nominal (A.)1.4
Cable3x 0.75 mm2 / L= 3 mtr. (Synchro = 6x 0.75 mm2)
Switch on durationS2 30%
Soft-Close functionYes
Soft-Close adjustableYes (Software based)
Mechanical features
Stroke (mm.)300 | 600 | 750 | 1000 | 1200
Stroke adjustableYes, continuously.(with software)
Push force (N.)500
Pull force (N.)500
Holding force (N.)700
Speed (mm/sec.)11.0
Temperature Resistance300° C for 30 minutes (according to DIN EN 12101-2)
Dimensions and Weights
Dimension (L x W x H)430/580/655/780/880x50x41 mm.
Certifications / Tests
Certifications & DeclarationsEN 12101-2
Limit stopElectronic | Integrated
Overload cutt-offElectronic (load dependent) | Integrated
Protection ClassIP32
MaterialHousing: Aluminium

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