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The supplementary electric locking point ZVE-UNI-A increases the clamping force on high and wide windows and provides extra mechanical locking.
It can be combined with any elektromechanical actuator that provides an F-contact or a potential-free contact in the end position CLOSED.

The additional mounting plate has self-adhesive dots so that the central locking unit can be pre-positioned on the window without any tools. The mounting plate can be used for inward or outward opening windows.

Equipped with locking sequence controller:
When the sash is opened automatically the PA-ZVE-UNI will be unlocked (takes about 15 sec.), then the connected actuator(s) will open the vent.
When closing the sash, the actuator(s) will provide a signal to the PA-ZVE-UNI when de vent is closed. ThePA-ZVE-UNI will lock the sash again.
It is possible to connect more actuators to one PA-ZVE-UNI (total max. 6A. current).

The PA-ZV-UNI is equipped with the SICO-PLUG connector for on-surface installation and cabeling, but has no SICO LINK software interface (no parameters can be set).

Electric features
Voltage24V DC
Current Nominal (A.)1.1
CableNot included (5x 0.75 mm² needed)
Switch on durationS2 30%
Mechanical features
Push force (N.)850
Pull force (N.)850
Holding force (N.)300
Max. opening/closing time (Sec.)< 7.5
Sound level (1 mtr. distance)< 60 dB
Temperature Range-5 °C to +70 °C
Overload cutt-offElectronic (load dependent) | Integrated
Protection ClassIP10 (A version) / IP32 (I version)
Finishanodised EV1/F1
Warranty2 years