Chain actuators for smoke and heat extraction and controlled natural ventilation are known for their use at the main closing edge for bottom-hung, top-hung and side-hung sashes, whether opening inwards or outwards.
The opening width is limited by the provided chain length. With the new chainguide K-K30-ZB, the EA(230)-K-30 chain actuator can now also be mounted on the secondary closing edge.
With the so-called "drawbridge" application, higher opening angles can be achieved by mounting the actuators closer to the hinges.

The chainguide can be mounted on every standard EA(230)-K-30 chain actuator and ensures that the chain will be deflected in an angle when sliding out. This application is only possible for inwards and outwards turning tilt sashes (bottom hung sashes).

You are welcome to check whether this application is the right one for your project with the Simon-PROtec window calculator. For larger tilt sashes and individual adjustments, we also recommend the use of slit actuators or the Folding arm² Actuators.
For more information on the K-K30-ZB bracket for the "drawbridge" application click here. Of course you can also contact us for more information.